Global Impact

Implementing Patient-Centric Framework

Fight Cancer Global has been working with strategic partners, training leaders with boots on the ground in over 70 countries to help raise the level of awareness, training and early intervention. The solution lies in bringing services (including Mammograms, Telemed options, mobile vans and Clinical Trials) to communities in need, as well as training primary physicians to diagnose cancer at an early stage and helping to provide the vision to accommodate hospitals for early diagnosis and treatment.

Some developing countries face the astronomical gap of one oncologist serving a population
of five million people (1: 5,000,000).


Relationship Building

Identify and connect with stakeholders and community leaders at grassroots, local, regional, national and government levels.

Collaborative Planning

Create coherent plan of action based on demographic survey data, leveraging existing resources and facilities to customize a framework with nation-wide goals of awareness, training and early intervention.


Ensure phased rollout of patient-centric framework through collaborations with local agencies and government for sustainable development.

As a result, versatile and robust patient-centric initiatives are created which will endow patients with clarity to make well informed decisions as they construct a roadmap for their cancer journey full of empowerment and hope.