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Pharma Solutions

We engage patients in the discovery, development, and
commercialization of innovative medicines.

At Fight Cancer Global, we believe that collaboration is key in the fight against cancer. We work to bridge the gap between pharma, life sciences, and patient communities by streamlining clinical trials and advancing drug development processes for better outcomes. We aim to improve patient access to clinical trials and address gaps and challenges in trial accessibility.

Sustainability and Success of Clinical Trials

Greater access to a global patient population

Fight Cancer Global's extensive reach in over 100 countries provides greater access to a diverse patient population. Our team increases awareness and helps to address issues with clinical trial recruitment and enrollment. This allows pharma companies to ensure that clinical trials are representative of the population they serve, improving the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Patient-centric approach

At Fight Cancer Global, we prioritize a patient-centric approach for successful clinical trials. Our community managers work tirelessly to ensure that patients receive the necessary support and follow-up to stay engaged and committed throughout the trial journey. By ensuring that patients feel heard, valued, and that their concerns and needs are being addressed, they are more likely to continue participating in the trial, reducing patient dropouts and ensuring retention.

Advancing diversity and inclusion

Fight Cancer Global mobilizes on-the-ground teams to target outreach and education to underserved communities through partnerships with patient advocacy groups and community organizations. Our efforts increase diversity and inclusion in clinical trials, mitigating the challenge of insufficient patient pools and providing support throughout the trial journey.

Designing and implementing patient experiences

Fight Cancer Global's expertise in designing and implementing community experiences enhances patient involvement by streamlining patient recruitment and retention. Our approach fosters a sense of ownership and partnership between patients and the trial team, helping to mitigate issues with trial closure or termination.

Value of Early Screening Programs

Fight Cancer Global's early screening programs provide pharma companies with access to valuable data on high-risk cancer patients, leading to insights into patient populations and targeted therapy development. This results in successful and impactful therapies, improving patient outcomes.

Collaborating for Impact

Collaboration is key to making meaningful progress in the fight against cancer. Fight Cancer Global partners with pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to advance patient-pharma collaborations and accelerate progress throughout the drug development process, speeding up product to market access strategies to save lives.

“Collaborating with Fight Cancer Global can help pharma companies incorporate patient feedback and insights into drug development and clinical research.”

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