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Advancing Diversity in Clinical Trials

Developing drugs that work for everyone requires clinical trials
that reflect the diversity of the population.

Fight Cancer Global reduces time and cost associated with clinical drug trials by providing rapid
access to a well-established and diverse patient network globally.


Greater access to a global patient population enables the pairing of the patient to the right clinical trial in over 100 countries.


Reduce barriers to (speed up) patient recruitment & enrollment from preclinical to phase IV (all phases of clinical) trials.


Proximity to trial site and regular follow-up ensures patient engagement and commitment throughout the trial journey.


Lessen the gap of health inequity and reach a diverse patient pool.


Patient communities through our patient advocacy, early detection, and education programs.


Access to real-world data and evidence-based engagement initiatives for custom reporting and outcomes research.


Harmonize communication for consistent and optimal delivery of product and disease state information.

Market Access

Liaising R&D, marketing and access to help define the strategy to accelerate registration and reimbursement.

Community Experience

Design, implement, and run healthy communities at a scale where patients always feel a part of the community.

  • 85% of trials don't start on time due to issues with enrollment.
  • 30% of patients drop out due to poor exprience (non-clinical).
  • 19% of trials close or terminate early because they didn't have enough patients, which is estimated at over $800+ billion loss in value.
Source: Accenture

“Fight Cancer Global maximizes the value of cancer-fighting initiatives with flexible solutions in clinical development, evidence generation, and commercial execution.”

we are a global patient-centered community

Accelerating inter-professional, patient-focused collaborations
  • community

    Connect for better decisions with the right resources.


    Facilitate inter-professional connections and collaborations.

  • organization

    Empower healthcare organizations to fulfill their mission.

Right Connections. Better Decisions

collaborate with us and
reap the benefits of making a difference

End the isolation for mothers and children effected by cancer

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  • Discover Research Collaboration Possibilities
  • Tap into Expertise to Advance Research
  • Gain Valuable Patient Insights for Better Clinical Trials
  • Enhance Patient Recruitment with Access to Diverse Communities
  • Partner for Breakthrough Discoveries
  • Expand Your Footprint in the Oncology Space
  • Access to Real-World Evidence for Better Decision Making
  • Improve Patient Experience with Access to Patient-Generated Data
  • Explore Increased Brand Exposure Opportunities
  • Learn About Product & Service Collaboration
  • Uncover Cause-Related Marketing Potential
  • Join Forces for Co-Branding Campaigns
  • Benefit from Our Community Engagement & Social Impact Expertise
  • Attract & Retain Socially Responsible Customers
  • Generate Positive Publicity & Media Coverage for Your CSR Efforts
  • Increase Your Company's Visibility & Reputation as a CSR Leader