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Strategic Collaboration

Partnering for Progress:
Building Strong Patient-Pharma Relationships

The partnership between pharma partner and Fight Cancer Global will follow a phased approach designed to ensure success and achieve desired outcomes. The level of engagement will vary depending on the phase, with both parties working closely together to design, develop, and implement a solution that meets the needs of Fight Cancer Global.

  • Phase 1

    Discovery and Planning

    • Conduct comprehensive analysis of current state.
    • Define scope, objectives, and outcomes.
    • Identify key success factors, challenges, and risks.
  • Phase 2

    Design and Development

    • Develop detailed solution design.
    • Define roles and responsibilities.
    • Establish technology platform and tools.
    • Create detailed project plan and timeline.
    • Conduct pilot test.
  • Phase 3

    Implementation and Deployment

    • Deploy solution in phased manner.
    • Provide training and support to staff.
    • Conduct ongoing testing and monitoring.
    • Address any issues or challenges.
    • Document solution and create user manuals.
  • Phase 4

    Ongoing Support and Optimization

    • Provide ongoing technical support and maintenance.
    • Conduct regular reviews and assessments.
    • Make changes and updates as needed.
    • Provide training and support to new staff.
  • Patient - Pharma


    of patients believe pharma companies have a responsibility to provide services which complement their product.

  • Enhancing Exposure
    of Services


    of patients are aware of services which pharma companies offer.


    of HCPs are aware of patient services which pharma companies offer.

  • Pharma


    of pharma companies are increasing their investment in creating more patient-centric services.

  • More Collaboration
    Is Needed


    of patients believe that pharma companies should work more closely with patient organizations to create seamless patient experiences.

Source: Accenture analysis 2020

"Fight Cancer Global empowers bridging the Gap between Patients and Pharma through Insights and Experiences, enabling pharma to talk WITH patients and not ABOUT patients!"

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    Connect for better decisions with the right resources.


    Facilitate inter-professional connections and collaborations.

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    Empower healthcare organizations to fulfill their mission.

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End the isolation for mothers and children effected by cancer

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  • Discover Research Collaboration Possibilities
  • Tap into Expertise to Advance Research
  • Gain Valuable Patient Insights for Better Clinical Trials
  • Enhance Patient Recruitment with Access to Diverse Communities
  • Partner for Breakthrough Discoveries
  • Expand Your Footprint in the Oncology Space
  • Access to Real-World Evidence for Better Decision Making
  • Improve Patient Experience with Access to Patient-Generated Data
  • Explore Increased Brand Exposure Opportunities
  • Learn About Product & Service Collaboration
  • Uncover Cause-Related Marketing Potential
  • Join Forces for Co-Branding Campaigns
  • Benefit from Our Community Engagement & Social Impact Expertise
  • Attract & Retain Socially Responsible Customers
  • Generate Positive Publicity & Media Coverage for Your CSR Efforts
  • Increase Your Company's Visibility & Reputation as a CSR Leader